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Shopping at whole Foods last week, I discovered Tiny but Mighty popcorn and read all the important stuff! Purchased 2 boxes because there was a 2 for…and I am so glad I did. I consider myself to be an expert about popcorn and I am here to tell you this popcorn is outstanding!! Not only does it not get caught in teeth but it is deliciously perfect! Low sodium and healthy ingredients make this popcorn special to me..It might be tiny but it is indeed Mighty!!! I will be a repeat buyer!

-Patricia O.

I just wanted to tell you how much I adore your popcorn!! I discovered it at Whole Foods in Manhattan (where I live) about a year ago. I was captivated by the name and concept so decided to give it a shot. I am now obsessed. It is perfection: truly Tiny But Mighty in flavor and crunch.

I just purchased 8 of the 20 oz packages directly from your site. I also saw a video on YouTube of Gene telling his story. What a great story.

One final comment: One day your product was out at my local Whole Foods, so I decided to buy the regular kind – not Tiny But Mighty brand (which I used to eat before). What a disaster. I now see how tasteless and bland regular popcorn is.

I wish you all much success with this as it is an amazingly delicious popcorn.


-Cristina R.

I’ve been trying different kinds of popcorn for years. So many companies say their popcorn is hulless, but it isn’t. Yours definitely is, and is by far the best we’ve tasted. I cannot digest ordinary popcorn, and when I first made yours, I was in heaven. No upset tummy, no indigestion – amazing! The taste is just heaven! Thanks so much for this wonderful snack food. We always love to sit and watch a movie at home and snack on fresh hot popcorn. I have a proper popcorn popper that I use on the stove (stainless steel). It’s awesome. I will continue to buy as long as you are in business!

-Carolyn M.

When I first began looking for a Non-GMO popcorn I did not have very much success. When I found TBM popcorn at our local Farmers’ Market, I was nervous at first seeing that the pop was much smaller. I feared that I would have to make twice as much in order to be satisfied. However, I found this not to be the case. Tiny But Mighty is true to its name. I found that in eating your popcorn, not only did I consume less (and was still satisfied) I also used less butter! There were times also that after eating other popcorns, I would get an upset stomach. I have not had one with TBM. Thank you for your concern and dedication to healthy foods.

- Regina L.

I am in popcorn paradise! Non-GMO, heirloom, with hulls gentle enough for kids in braces–and everyone’s dental work. I just knew better was out there! Let the popcorn parties begin. My seven children will be thankful, too! I can’t wait to see all those smiling little faces. And to know what is being served is healthy! I can’t wait. Can you tell? Pass the salt, please…

-Kimberly G.

I want to tell you I absolutely love your popcorn…it is delicious and flavorful! I too cannot eat regular popcorn, which is a staple of mine, because of diverticulitis. I am so happy to be able to eat your popcorn…thanks sooo much!

-Bobbi S.

It is as easy for my young grandchildren to digest as it is for me to digest!

-Harriet R.

I gave up on eating the regular stuff a few years ago – it just wasn’t worth the time it took to remove all the hulls from between my teeth! Your popcorn is tender AND tasty. It doesn’t even need butter – just a slight sprinkle of salt and I’m happy!

-Emily H.

I have small grandsons that love popcorn as much as I do, but I have to be so careful about eating the kernel so it won’t get stuck in their teeth or throat. When I discovered your tiny, but mighty popcorn, they can eat out of the bowl along with me, and I haven’t had any problems. The other night my son-in-law brought home pizza, but the boys turned their nose up at it to enjoy the delicious popcorn grandma had just popped. Now that says it all! Not only is it safer, but the taste is superb!

-Sherri G.

Our son has EOE an autoimmune disease that dramatically limits his food selection. Popcorn is one of the few snacks he can have and we love giving him Tiny But Mighty because it is the best possible popcorn money can buy! He also really appreciates the kernels are so small and easy to manage. Thanks for putting your heart and soul into such a great product!

-Joshua B.

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I personally enjoy your popcorn. Additionally, I have had a long-standing interest in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and have written several books and articles on the topic. I have always advised my IBS patients to avoid popcorn, as if often aggravates their abdominal discomfort. This is not the case with your popcorn and in fact it seems to have a soothing effect in some of these IBS sufferers, who by the nature of their disorder have very sensitive intestinal tracts. My hat is off to you for creating such a unique, nutritious, and delicious product. I salute you and all like-minded organic farmers who are working so hard to promote sustainable agriculture in our country and the world.

-Gerard L. Guillory, M.D. - Gastroenterologist

I’m quite impressed. Best tasting, best textured popcorn I’ve ever had; and microwave at that. You’ve got a new loyal customer.

-Brad B.

Wow! I am a popcorn lover and when I was strolling through the store I picked up a bag of your popcorn…it’s all true! The flavor is better and the kernels are tender with no hard hulls! Thank you!! I have already told everyone I work with about your product!

-Vicky B.

Your popcorn is fantastic!!! We are a family that is trying to move toward a healthier lifestyle and we love that the popcorn is non-GMO.

-Amanda T.

I first learned about TBM corn at Hy-Vee in Coralville, IA. It was great! Brought some back to California to share with my husband and when the package was gone, I thought to check online in the off chance that there might be a mention and WA-LA–there you were! Have just placed an order for 10 pounds of the best popcorn we have ever had and are looking forward to curling up on rainy nights and munching TBM corn. Many thanks for all the countless hours, days, months and years you have spent in bringing this wonderful product to friends–the ones you’ve met and the ones you haven’t–in this part of the world!

-Mary K.

I was looking for a healthier option for popcorn. Purchased a whirly pop and unfortunately a bottle of Orville popcorn. Made several batches and they just weren’t good, way too many hulls! Saw yours in a fresh market store and decided to try it. Absolutely delicious! I love popcorn and this is hands down the best I have ever popped. Tiny and crisp and really no hulls to even speak of. Thank you for such a great product!

-Robin B.

I found your popcorn on the shelves of Whole Foods when I was living in Chicago and was instantly hooked. It’s so great to make a bowl of popcorn that doesn’t need anything except a light sprinkle of salt. The small kernels take me longer to eat, making it a very satisfying snack. TBM popcorn is definitely my comfort food. Since moving to Boston, I only buy my popcorn through the TBM website. I can’t go back to store bought microwave popcorn. My friends and I joke that I’m a popcorn snob. What they don’t know is I’m actually a TBM snob! Loyal customer for life!

-Christy W.

Although we are decidedly a popcorn family, we just got “burned out” on it. Fortunately, we happened upon TBM at Whole Foods. Cooking it over a stove took me back to late 1950s early 1960s when my dad would make the family popcorn the same way over the stove. TBM is a quantum shift in popcorn. You have seduced us back into popcorn bliss. Thank you for preserving this endangered species of delight.

-Ken C.

We’re eating your popcorn right now in Curacao aboard sailing vessel Neytiri. Headed for Columbia and Panama where guests will be able to restock us!

-Chuck E.

My husband and I absolutely love your popcorn! It is by far the best popcorn we’ve ever eaten! My mother is coming to visit for Christmas this year, and I’ve made sure that she’s bringing more. We can’t live without it now! Thanks so much for the fantastic popcorn, and just know that people around the world are enjoying it!

-Sarah & Cody S. -- Doha, Qatar, Middle East

As a serious popcorn connoisseur I have eaten TBM Popcorn for many years. I like it because of the flavor and texture, but I also like the story behind this unique product. Farmer Gene & Lynn have been “farmer friendly” and helpful on the occasions when I’ve talked with them. I wish them success and prosperity in their endeavors.

-Alfred R.

I love everything about your popcorn. It pops up beautifully, it’s flavorful and a wonderfully healthy snack. Plus it’s from IOWA.

-Joyce H.

Not only do we love this flavorful popcorn, but we also got to know the family and support staff who represent the face of Tiny But Mighty Popcorn. Those folks are the most authentic and genuine people in the USA! Supporting a small family business like this is a no brainer!

-Rich P.

We love your popcorn and order it every year. It never disappoints!!

-Paula H.

Back during the war pennies were pinched. We raised a big victory garden that had ears of corn just for popping. We cooked them in a long handled pan with a lid in the fireplace. What we didn’t eat (8 kids) was put into a big bag. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we used a needle and thread to string together the old popcorn and holly berries. We hung these popcorn and berry strings on the Christmas tree and around the windows for the holidays. Looking forward to some popcorn that tastes like it did in yesteryear

-Samson R.

I’ve always been a fan of the old kernel popcorn. Just discovered this wonder popcorn. I guess sometimes you have to leave home to discover home.

-Timothy S.

This is the greatest popcorn ever!!!

-Jan H.

This is absolutely, without a doubt the very best popcorn I have eaten. I eat it every day….yes, I know, I am obsessed! It is healthy for you and not loaded up with butter and salt or other additives. Because of its nature, I can tell you that even with IBS, I have no problems whatsoever. If you want the best, this is it.

-Kristin B.

This is by far the best popcorn I’ve ever tasted – if you are a popcorn lover you MUST get ahold of some!!!

-RuthAnne M.

Best popcorn we’ve ever eaten. You should try to get the movie theaters to sell it. With the prices they charge at theaters for bad popcorn, I’ll bet you both could retire in less than a year! On second thought, I don’t want you to retire. I’m addicted. Thanks for all your efforts to allow me to eat great popcorn.

-Jill G.

Can’t wait to receive my order!! A popcorn connoisseur since a child, my family always gifts me with something to do with popcorn every Christmas. I can’t stand the tasteless stuff sold in stores anymore. I ordered both your popped and pre-popped products.

-Steven H.

We’ve moved away from Iowa three times in the past 20 years, and keep your contact information top of our list for ordering our supply. We’re up to purchasing 15 lbs at a time!!! We have family who’ve visited us from other States now also order online. We’ve tried other brands of “tiny” popcorn but none compare!!

-Daniel H.

We love your popcorn and can’t wait until harvest every year. Thanks for continuing to offer it. There is truly no better popcorn on this earth!

-Julie K.

Eating Tiny But Mighty Popcorn, you realize how badly you’ve been cheated eating the regular stuff all of your life. Thank you for a great product.

-Josh B.

I have been an avid fan of popcorn my whole life. I tried your product and I have to say it is the best popcorn I have ever eaten. Great job. I will be a customer for as long as you keep growing it.

-Craig P.

This is the popcorn we grew up on – so much more flavor and so satisfying!

-Sara L.

My husband & I grew up 1,000 miles apart but Sunday evening popcorn was a family tradition for both of us, so we’ve continued it for our family, too. We made do with whatever popcorn we could find in stores, but once we discovered your popcorn and how close it is to our childhood memory of delicious popcorn, we were hooked. Now our kids and their families enjoy it too. Thanks for helping us continue this tradition.

-Ruby W.

Best popcorn I’ve ever tasted and it pops great with ANY method you use!!! Congrats!!

-Tomie D.

I noticed your Tiny But Mighty Light Popcorn at the local Natural Foods Store. I was delighted to read the valuable information appearing on the back of the package. I tried it today and was in “Seventh Heaven”…and, it’s absolutely delicious. Thanks for reinstating a bit of pleasure in this ‘old geezer’s’ life!

-Bruce M.

This is by far the best popcorn ever and I am a popcorn junkie. I love it, love it, love it. Eat it everyday and it has helped me lose 29 pounds. I tell everyone to buy it. I want to be president of fan club.

- Marty M.