Don’t just take our word for it – listen to the feedback we get from our happy customers:

“I am a repeat customer. Finest popcorn ever!”

“I write a blog called the Pop Blog where I review all kinds of popcorn. I’ve currently tasted over 400 different kinds of popcorn and have reviewed nearly 90 companies who either make gourmet popcorn or sell popcorn kernels. Popcorn is my favorite snack and I love popping it on the stove-top. I recommend your popcorn to all my friends and associates and to anyone who loves to pop their own popcorn. Tiny But Mighty will always be at the top of my list. Thanks!!”

“Having been born and raised in Iowa and living there for 57 years before moving to Arizona, I’ve seen a lot of corn. Field corn, sweet corn, and my favorite, popcorn. I’ve had yellow, white, black and some other color I don’t remember. It’s not that other popcorn is not good, it’s just that the little kernels of TBM are uniquely flavorful, robust, & addictive. I’ve tried other small kernel corn, but have found none to compare with the TBM popcorn. Now transplanted, I find the mail order availability better than imposing on my friends back in Iowa to send it or bring it with them when they visit. My pantry is always stocked, hopefully. Thank you for continuing to grow it. I hope you don’t run out like you did one year. Keep it coming, I love it.”

“I was introduced to Tiny but Mighty Popcorn and needless to say i’m hooked! It is so good and I can probably say i’ll never buy microwave popcorn again. I eat with parmessan cheese. You guys rock!”

“We just love your popcorn, and have told everyone about it.”

“Tbm popcorn is perfect for our family, having three toddlers. Not only does it taste great, but our kids enjoy the smaller size, it is easier for them to digest, and easier for their little fingers and little mouths.”

“I want to tell you I absolutely love your popcorn…it is delicious and flavorful…I too cannot eat regular popcorn, which is a staple of mine, because of diverticulitis. I am so happy to be able to eat your popcorn…thanks sooo much!”

“I’ve been buying this popcorn since it was K & K. It is amazing and very easy to prepare. You get alot for the small amount you need to cook and there are no hulls to get stuck in your teeth.I thought I might never find it again until I ran onto your site. I’m so glad you decided to keep this product going. I recommend it all the time and give alot away to my friends who have always loved it. You have to try it to believe how amazing it is.”

Your popcorn is absolutely delicious. I think the best thing about it, besides the taste and nutrition is that there are no hulls. I make it every night and when my husband comes home from work (second shift) he finishes up what I couldn’t eat. It is addicting !!! I can’t be without it !!

Tiny But Mighty popcorn is so delicious! My husband and I are constantly snacking on it. We just can’t get enough. You only need a little oil and salt and you get a lot of flavor.

I am seriously hooked on popcorn and eat it at least 6 days a week. I was recently diagnosed with a condition that makes it unsafe for me to eat my beloved popcorn because of the hulls, this of course made me very sad :(     But then I found your popcorn by accident at Whole Foods, wowser!!! Taste good, no hulls, and I checked with my doctor…she approves! I am so happy right now :D, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

This is the best popcorn I have ever had bar none. My grandson and I have turned Saturday night into “popcorn grandpa?” night on a regular basis. He loves it too.
The first time I made it, I thought “That’s not enough!” I was wrong. The kernels pop up very small, but they actualy have texture and are very flavorful. Not just the poof that modern popcorn is. I cannot recommend the Tiny but Mighty enough. Great stuff.

“This is the only popcorn my husband likes. We moved to florida about a year ago and our daugthers would send it to him. Now i will just order online. thanks!”

“Picked up a bag of Tiny But Mighty this weekend. Couldn’t believe how the corn popped. There wasn’t any old maids in two batches. Very good taste and I’m hooked.”

I discovered your popcorn a few years ago while on a business trip in Kansas. Being from a culinary background I am always looking out for locally grown small produced food items. I was very intrigued by your popcorn so I bought a bag and tried it when I got home. My wife and I immediately loved it even without any seasoning!! Well we don’t eat alot of popcorn but when we do there isn’t another one that come close to yours! Not only better flavor but great texture and very digestible and of course no hulls! Please keep up the good work and thanks for saving an heirloom variety.

“We love your popcorn! Congratulations on a successful harvest and we look forward to enjoying another winter season of warm fires, movie watching, and your fabulous popcorn!”

“As I am a native of Iowa born near Urbana where the popcorn was raised and sold to the public by Mr. Richard Kelty, I started purchasing from him personally at his home in Urbana in the 1980ties when I came to visit my family who lives in Walker, Iowa. After my father died in 2005 I started buying from you via the internet as I have not been back to Iowa since he passed on. I feel that your popcorn is the BEST of THE BEST.”

“My husbands family has ordered your popcorn for years. I am so excited to have found you again.”

Your popcorn is fabulous. I sent it to my sister in Columbus, Nebraska, and it has taken her Bunco group by storm. I sent it to my brother in Phoenix, Arizona, and he thinks it is the best popcorn he has ever eaten. I sent it to some friends in Carefree, Arizona, and they asked for your contact information so he could send it to his brother in South Dakota. I have served it to my Sunday School class and they thought it was heavenly. My daughters both love the popcorn as well.

“I gave up eating the regular ‘stuff’ a few years ago – it just wasn’t worth the time it took to remove all the hulls from between my teeth! This popcorn is tender AND tasty.  It doesn’t even need butter – just a slight sprinkle of salt and I’m happy!”

“I am in popcorn paradise! Discovering your popcorn at a recent baby shower (thrown by a popcorn lover) is an answer to my dream search for the perfect popcorn! Non-GMO, heirloom, with hulls gentle enough for kids in braces–and everyone’s dental work. I just knew better was out there beyond the supermarket shelves! Thank you and God bless you for still growing God made food. I am anxiously anticipating my order. You’ve made a new friend in Michigan. Let the popcorn parties begin. My seven children will be thankful,too! I can’t wait to see all those smiling little faces. And to know what is being served is healthy! I can’t wait. Can you tell? Pass the salt, please…”

This is truly the best popcorn on the market. I won’t buy any other kind.

“Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we LOVE your popcorn. We tried it because my Dad helped plant the popcorn for a couple of farmers outside of Cascade Iowa. We are hooked. My husband told me this was “the best popcorn” he’s ever had. I love that it is tender and hullless. It is also the perfect size for our four year old daughter who also loves popcorn. We look forward to many more batches.”

“We love your popcorn. Can’t wait until harvest every year. Thanks for continuing to offer it. There is truly no better popcorn on this earth.”

“This is THE best popcorn ever! Have enjoyed it for a couple of decades. It is my daily white food group!”

“This popcorn is AMAZING! We came across this popcorn at a place in Iowa on a road trip and we will never eat another brand! It’s the cleanest, sweetest popcorn we’ve ever had! Worth every penny!”

“I tried your popcorn because of the thin hulls and happily discovered a taste so good that I don’t need to add butter or other flavors to enjoy! Thanks”

“Tiny but Mighty, best popcorn ever!! No annoying kernels, digests so much easier and is the tastiest popcorn you’ll ever have.”

“My husband and I are delighted with your popcorn. I stumbled upon a bag at Marshall’s and was intrigued by the huskless claims on the bag. I popped the first batch in olive oil and no kernels were left unpopped. A little sprinkle of kosher salt and we found popcorn heaven. Just for kicks I popped a batch of regular popcorn yesterday, but after eating TBM ancient heirloom, the texture of regular popcorn is like styrofoam peanuts. It all went down the garbage disposal. Please give me advance notice if you decide to discontinue this product so I can stock up. I’ve already decided that I’m giving this for Christmas gifts this year. It is truly a wonderful product. Oh, and by the way, for those reviewers who didn’t get all the kernels to pop, I suggest the whirly gig popper, and preheat the pot if you have an electric stove. My popper is similar and I cook with gas, which gets the pot hot immediately. Yummy stuff!”

“First was introduced to your popcorn when I attended a telephone golf outing many years ago. A sample was given to each one of us. My wife and family became hooked. We will have popcorn at least 3 times a week. The only time we could not purchase was when the flood hit. Was very happy when we were able to purchase again. We have a home in Iowa at Polk City. And winter in AZ. We give samples of your corn when we can. Keep up the good work.”

“When I first began looking for a Non-GMO popcorn I did not have very much success. When I found TBM popcorn at our local Farmers Market, I was nervous at first seeing that the pop was much smaller. I feared that I would have to make twice as much in order to be satisfied. However, I found this not to be the case. Tiny But Mighty is true to its name. I found that in eating your popcorn, not only did I consume less (and was still satisfied) I also used less butter!
There were times also that after eating other popcorns, I would get an upset stomach. I have not had one with TBM. Thank you for your concern and dedication to healthy foods.”

“TBM is awesomely good popcorn! It is the tastiest popcorn I’ve ever eaten, and, probably, the tastiest on earth!”

“I like the popcorn because of the small amount of hulls and the taste.”