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A Love Letter to Popcorn...

Dear Popcorn, we love you.

You are such a treat. Whether you’re with us at the movies, at a sporting event, in the park or cozy in our own homes, you make everything better. You bring us together. You inspire us to spend time with one another, sharing your goodness, sharing laughter, sharing fun.

You satisfy us. Whether we take you as you are, or dress you up with buttery goodness, parmesan cheese, chocolate, or any number of toppings. Your fluffy yet crunchy nature is ideal for snacking, and your intoxicating aroma never fails to leave us drooling, chasing the scent in search of your warm, fresh-popped perfection. You nourish us, providing a healthy snack full of fiber. And if you’re Tiny But Mighty Popcorn – your heirloom kernels don’t leave hulls!

You’re one of our favorite pastimes, which is why we keep coming back to you. You’ve always been there for us, for as long as we can remember. You help us grow closer to one another, and to make memories that can’t possibly be erased. For all this and more, Popcorn – we love you!

October is National Popcorn Month!

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