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An Ode to Heirloom...

“To think that I’m holding something that, you know, has been this way for over 150 years, I don’t have words for it. It’s really exciting.”  – Farmer Gene


What does heirloom mean? Why is it important? Why should you care about heirlooms?

The word heirloom may make you think of your grandfather’s pocket watch or your grandmother’s silver tea set, passed down through several generations. Do you think of beauty and fragility? Do those objects hold importance and meaning, a story and a history? Absolutely they do.

When you hear the word heirloom, maybe you think of a tomato. We’d venture to guess you remember enjoying that heirloom tomato because it was the best, most flavorful tomato you’ve ever had. That tomato also has a story, a rich history, a unique beauty and fragility unmatched by hybrid, mass produced varieties. That tomato, because it’s an heirloom, has stayed true to its original form and carried its original, unaltered, bold flavor traits through several generations, allowing for the continued enjoyment of generations of today and many to come.

Merriam-Webster’s Definition of Heirloom 
: something of special value handed down from one generation to another.
: a variety of plant that has originated under cultivation and that has survived for several generations usually due to the efforts of private individuals.

Heirloom seeds that grow into grains, fruits and vegetables have not only survived, unaltered, through several generations, but they give you the most natural form and best tasting versions of those grains, fruits and vegetables. Seeking out heirloom varieties means you finding varieties that are automatically Non-GMO, because they have never been modified from their original state.

With heirlooms, you get to enjoy the richest, boldest, most authentic flavors – exactly how those grains, fruits and vegetables were meant to taste. They will tickle your taste buds and satisfy your cravings. Did you know that heirlooms also pack the best nutrition? All the original nutritional traits found in grains, fruits or vegetables are still intact in heirloom varieties, meaning you are automatically consuming the most nutritious form of those foods.

Are you in love with heirlooms as much as we are yet?

Heirlooms also have a story. They are part of history. They have played a major role in the discovery and development of your favorite dishes, the best tasting foods you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. They’ve usually been passed down in a family through several generations, grown with love by family farmers, just as our heirloom popcorn was and always will be.

Do you know our story? The one in which our heirloom popcorn seed was almost once completely lost, but then saved by a family in Iowa and passed down through multiple generations? If you don’t know the details behind this nearly 150 year old seed, check out our story here, and know that when you make the choice to enjoy Tiny But Mighty Popcorn, you’re choosing to enjoy the most flavorful popcorn on the market. One with a rich history, family farmed and never genetically modified. The most nutritious popcorn loaded with fiber. One that has disintegrating hulls due to its smaller size, which means its easier to digest and more gentle on your teeth. The popcorn that nature intended you to enjoy for generations to come. 


Heirlooms – we love you and we thank you.


Peace + Popcorn,

Farmer Gene and the TBM Popcorn Team