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Easy to Digest

So many companies say their popcorn is hulless, but it isn’t. Yours definitely is, and it’s by far the best we’ve tasted. I cannot digest ordinary popcorn, and when I first made yours, I was in heaven. No upset tummy, no indigestion – amazing!
-Carolyn M.

Tiny But Mighty Popcorn has changed the lives of popcorn lovers that haven’t been able to eat popcorn in the past, due to specific digestive health conditions or general digestive issues.

Many of our customers are folks with Diverticulitis, Crohn’s, IBS or Colitis. Before discovering Tiny But Mighty, they typically couldn’t eat popcorn because of difficulty digesting larger hulls. Because the Tiny But Mighty Popcorn genus has thinner hulls that virtually disintegrate when popped, our popcorn is much easier to chew and digest, while also preventing the popcorn from getting stuck in your teeth, unlike most popcorn.

All Tiny But Mighty Popcorn products are completely gluten free, and make a great snack for those with Celiac Disease or on a gluten-free diet. Our popcorn is high in fiber, offering additional benefits from this good for you snack. Dietary fiber aids in achieving healthy weight and helps lower cholesterol levels, maintain bowel health and control blood sugar levels.

All of these digestive and dental benefits mean that it’s also better for kids and those with braces. Farmer Gene has actually received letters from Doctors and Dentists recommending our popcorn for their patients with digestive ailments or dental issues, as it’s gentler and easier for them to enjoy. Please check with your own Doctor or Dentist before consuming our popcorn if you have any questions.

“I just wanted to write and tell you how much I personally enjoy your popcorn. Additionally, I have had a long-standing interest in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and have written several books and articles on the topic. I have always advised my IBS patients to avoid popcorn, as if often aggravates their abdominal discomfort. This is not the case with your popcorn and in fact it seems to have a soothing effect in some of these IBS sufferers, who by the nature of their disorder have very sensitive intestinal tracts. My hat is off to you for creating such a unique, nutritious, and delicious product. I salute you and all like-minded organic farmers who are working so hard to promote sustainable agriculture in our country and the world.”
Gerard L. Guillory, M.D.