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Sea Salt

Your tastebuds will rejoice! We’ve seasoned our naturally delicious Tiny But Mighty Heirloom Popcorn with the perfect amount of mineral-rich, unrefined sea salt, sourced from pure, uncontaminated waters. Air popped in 100% virgin coconut oil, this healthy snack truly comes from nature’s finest gifts. Eat to your heart’s content — it’s Non-GMO, gluten free, whole grain and easy to digest. Tiny But Mighty Sea Salt Popcorn is Autism Approved by the Autism Hope Alliance. Share it and your friends might pop over more often. Or keep it all to yourself. We promise not to tell where you hide it.

  • wholegrain-1
  • kosher
  • gluten-free
  • non-gmo-1
  • 80x80 AHA Approved


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