If you’re looking for a gift or just want to stock up on your favorite heirloom popcorn ~ check out our HOLIDAY price specials below and help us celebrate another great popcorn harvest!

NOW shipping our 2015 crop courtesy of our amazing growers: Farmer Gene, Eldon, Dave, Bill and Earl!

Kernels front
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Single pack ~ One 1.25 lb bag of TBM Popcorn unpopped kernels

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$9.95 – S&H included

2 Pack ~ 2.5 lbs of TBM Popcorn unpopped kernels

Getting warmer…but the best deals are below! Shipping kernels is expensive so consider 4 or more bags to save. Share with friends or stock up.. the kernels stay fresh for a long time.

pricing images (17.95)crossed$15.95 – S&H included

4 Pack ~ 5 lbs of TBM Popcorn unpopped kernels

This customer favorite is a great value and gives you 20 large batches of the best popcorn on earth! ($3.99/lb)

pricing images (26.50)crossed$19.95 – S&H included

6 Pack ~ 7.5 lbs of TBM Popcorn unpopped kernels

This’ll keep your family & friends popping throughout the winter months.. Movie Night! ($3.87/lb)

pricing images (37.99)crossed$28.99 – S&H included

Great Value 8 pack ~ 10 lbs of TBM Popcorn unpopped kernels

If you LOVE popcorn, ordering more at once is a better deal for everyone! ($3.80/lb)

pricing images (45.99)crossed$37.99 – S&H included

BEST VALUE! 12 pack ~ 15 lbs of TBM Popcorn unpopped kernels

For the true P.P.E. (Professional Popcorn Eater) or folks planning to share with friends and family this Holiday Season! ($3.60/lb)

pricing images (59.99)crossed$53.99 – S&H included